Pabexcel Technology Co Limited with RC: 1451781 is a total power solution provider whose main aim is to deliver standard and effective products and services on alternative power generation, electrical and electronics engineering, maintenance, design and build, project management, telecommunication infrastructure provider and general procurement using a crop of highly skilled personnel in executing all aspect of the job.

Electricity and technology will become the pathway to a sustainable energy and human resources systems but this will take new approaches and new technologies to overcome the challenges evolving in the process. Pabexcel Technology Co Limited answers through the energy demands, engineering structures and human resources systems with innovative products, services, distinct technical know-how and committed engineers ready to give our esteemed customers what they need and deserve.

Our Driving Force

Our driving force is the desire to always leverage on the dynamics of technology with our customer-friendly resources recognizing the fact that our clients have taken steps to procuring capital-intensive equipment and will require good value for money.

Our Main Objectives

Our main objectives are achieving client’s satisfaction through recent technology by providing value-added services that ensure independence of the epileptic power supply generated by our indigenous parastatals, immensely reducing or stopping diesel/fuel cost, tremendously reducing electricity bills, greatly reducing pollution of the environments from poisonous gases from generators and ensuring uninterruptible power supply.


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Everything is done with a vision to be the best by application of ranges of our 12 months warranty premium quality products such as Pure sine wave inverters, Batteries, UPS, Automatic Voltage Regulators, Solar Panels, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Street Lights, Electrical fittings, etc. We also provide standard installation and repair services, good customer-friendly network and after-sales technical support.

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